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Truck Dispatcher/Freight Broker Agent Opportunity

If you are interested in getting into brokering freight as an agent or having a terminal to dispatch trucks, I am looking for both.  I  have over 400 trucks to dispatch and also an opportunity to broker freight that I have access to.  If you become an agent in my terminal, you will get customers and trucks to work with as well as learn how to sell LTL trucking services.  This is a GOLDEN opportunity to get into this business.

I will first start off with the brokering side of things.  I will tell you that I have a lot of customers that I have worked with and I have been blessed to do this business.  I want to pass this blessing on to other people, like yourself. 

In regards to customers, here are some of the customers that you will help handle:

US Military Freight

2 Major Automakers

5 Large Manufacturers

US Government Services Agency Projects 

many LTL Customers 

and more.....

I will train you how to do this business.  As a military contractor, I have access to move freight from every base in the USA.

With over 16 years in business and handling over $40,000,000 worth of loads in the industry, I have the experience and knowledge to teach you this business.

What I need from my students:

  1. The desire to be in their own business.
  2. The ability to learn and to learn quickly.
  3. The ability to own the work that they do.
  4. The attitude of success.
  5. The ability to pass a military security clearance background check.
  6. The ability to build relationships
  7. The willingness to sell a great brand and product
  8. The willingness to work on commission
  9. The dedication to put the time in to be successful.

I can teach you a lot about the business. What you should and shouldn't do, but I am not able to train any of the 9 requirements listed above.  You have to do that.  If you are interested in this above position and would like to be part of my team, our great company, and a promising future, please talk to me today.

I charge for my time fairly. I am putting you in a position of success.  What you get back is an unlimited times more than what you put in to get trained.

If you are willing to allow me to mentor you and we work together to prepare you for this position, I will guarantee you a spot in my company.  You can work from home and I will make sure you have all the tools necessary to do the job.  I will supply all load-boards, software and even work to get you customers to service.  Success is within your reach!

Now for the dispatch side:   I have an expedited terminal that I am building.  The goal is to have 75 trucks in the terminal by the end of June.  I need people to dispatch for these trucks plus a network of over 400 trucks that manage.  This network, The Box Truck Network LLC has hundreds of carriers that we manage and find freight for.

When you complete the training class, you will start learning and earning dispatching carriers.  The exciting part is that you will gain the knowledge and experience necessary to be successful.  This guaranteed position is based on the completion of the class and the training in place.         

With just a computer, high speed internet, and a phone, you can earn up to $70K+ dispatching and up to  $100K+ brokering freight.  Don't miss out on this opportunity!

I charge $750 for the training and to place you in your agency position.  $250.00 Deposit is required, the balance is due up to the time of placement.

I wish you much blessings and success!

Philip J Nenadov